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Monday, October 09, 2006

Please Listen To Your Body

So much time I don't post, indeed! Everything has changed, and nothing, at the same moment.
I still live in Frankfurt, but now I've got a better contract, without leasing staff agencies between me and the firm I work for.
I've got a new place of my own. Little, so fucking little, but mine, all mine.
What's today story? There's one, don't worry. I always have one story to tell... the first from my home in Frankfurt...

This morning it was such a pity to get up. I tried and tried, without any result. At the end, when I finally succeeded, I went to the toilet, gave a glance at the mirror and - damn - my eyes seemed to have been punched all night long. I felt some fever, coughed a little, and so on. I wanted to go to work, but when I bowed to bring my backpack, I felt the world dancing around me. NO WAY. I rested a little, sent an email at work, then went to the doctor that said me... it's a virus, for this week you mustn't work...
I went home, bought some aspyrin, a coloured and trendy thermometre and a box of candies.
Wrote an email in my poor German to a new tandem.
Then finally reached the bed, and started thinking...

It's not a virus.
The problem is that it's four weeks that I am working hard.
I am coordinating some colleagues.
I am working on Saturdays.
All Sundays I do something... I go to Heidelberg, or I go to the bookfair...
My body needed some rest.
And to get ill was the only way to stop me for a little while.
My body loves me. And gives me hint and suggestions. If I am not able to listen to it, it screams loud.
Just like this time.


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