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Monday, October 17, 2005

Marziotta Virus

Today my beloved man and I postulated a theory: I am a virus. Indeed. The worst you can find. I am able to make everyone suffer of some kind of pain.
Do you need some clear examples?
Oh... the first is that I transferred him my flu and he´s still a little ill.
And the second is that on Saturday I went to "The Cave", a rock disco, with Aina Ernesto Angel and Elena and today they still suffer neck pains because danced shaking their heads as I did.
But the most important thing is that I found that Aina is a weird dancer just like me! We danced since 3 till 6:15! Really!!!
I will report, of course, future cases of pain inferted by Marziotta virus. And... PAY ATTENTION! You could be the next one to be contaged!


Blogger J&B said...

And so your beloved man understood what do you feel about him?

19 October, 2005 14:24

Blogger marziotta said...

Oh, he couldn´t have noticed how much I care, I´m not able to avoid to tell him nice things when we are alone.
At the moment, the only problem is that... he doesn´t sleep enough. And it´s all my fault, of course!

24 October, 2005 18:54


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