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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Little Short Arms

LSA... it should be the short term for some drug or something similar in English.
In Italian, "avere le braccine corte" (to have little short arms) means... to avoid paying anything at each cost. Someone that tries in any subtle - and less subtle - way to make you pay what he has got to pay. And, there is Stefano, a colleague, that has very short arms, you can bet on it.
In French, "avoir les brais courts" means that a person that makes sport is very lazy and doesn´t want to catch balls, to run, etc...
Tell me, what does it mean in your language? It must have another meaning...

I must admit it... I discovered this only because of Tequila!!! Michele, Silvan and I drank so much hot tequila (with Coke and Tabasco) yesterday that I even passed all night long screaming the orders I hear in the game I have to play now!


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