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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Red Bitter Sweet Pepper

No, it's not a mispelling. On November 26 I'll go to see RHCP, but it's another story!
RBSP was my lunch.
It's so funny to be ill, but not very much, and to stay at home.
At 1:30 I felt a bit hungry (at work I must have lunch at 12... such a nonsense!) while writing an email, and started realising what could I cook.
Couscous! And peppers!
The receipt, invented on the moment, is very good and simple.

You need some instant couscous, two peppers per three persons, some oil, an onion, some sugar, and soya sauce. Obviously, salt. You always need salt to cook!
  • Boil some salted water for the couscous. The quantity is written on your couscous box.
  • Cut the onion in small pieces, in the meanwhile begin to fry some oil in a skillet, then put the pieces in the frying oil.
  • Cut the peppers in small pieces. Check the onion, it doesn't have to burn!
  • Put the peppers in the pan.
  • After a little while, put some soya sauce and some sugar (four teaspoons per pepper) in the pan, and turn the content of the pan.
  • Check the peppers. If they seem dry and are still not cooked, put some more soya sauce and some more sugar.
  • If you wish, cover the pan, but not all time long.
  • At the end, the peppers should be not so nice to see, but incredibly good to eat!
  • Do you forgot to put the boiling water in your couscous? Do it right now! The peppers should coulk five minutes more, if you put down the flame!
  • Put the sauce in the bowl where you put couscous and water, when water has dried.
  • Eat, and think at me!
  • You are allowed to change the receipt following your taste. Please inform me if you get good results!


    Blogger cube said...

    I made a couscous salad very much like yours but I cut down to 1/2 pepper and added cucumbers, tomatos & parsley. It was delicious.

    11 October, 2006 20:56

    Blogger marziotta said...

    That pepper was all I had at home! And a rotten zucchini, too, but decided to avoid to use it!!!
    Cucumber? I'll no more buy a cucumber!
    Here in Germany you find cucumber everywhere!
    Cucumber were my nightmare when I was used not to eat at home too often.

    11 October, 2006 22:09

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    25 December, 2006 06:45


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