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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Your Researches While I Was Away

too stylish for work
I suppose I am too stylish to stay at home, and not to share what I've got with the rest of the world! At least, I'd like to be that stylish.
short arms in italian
Somebody is looking for Stefano? By the way, I saw even the hand of Stefano in some researches, but I won't tell anything else!
stupid beatiful people
World is full of this people. But I really don't care about them. I prefer to suffer with intelligent people, than the deadly boredom that always comes with stupid beautiful people.
chaos is my friend
Obviously! Chaos should be the friend of everyone! Chaos helps me even at work! Have you ever tried chaos theory when everything seems stuck? Often it works!
job as websurfer
Actually, working as a videogametester is funny enough. Maybe this should be my next job!
spawn chains
Gimme some! I miss them so much... it's more than a year that I left Spawn!
stratishla review
Gimme some! Here in Germany I can find only tons of beers!
worked with charles letbetter
He is an interesting man, he does great pictures, but I never worked with him. Maybe, one day... Who knows!
shisha parma
To smoke a shisha, you must go to Cella, towards Reggio Emilia. On Via Emilia there is this shishabar called Amnesia. If there are any others, I don't know.
i'm a maniac maniac and i'm dancing
I'd like to know who did this search... I suppose our souls are quite similar...


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