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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chick-Peas and Potatoes Soup For Three

As I pass too much time at home, I talk too much about my domestic world, I know! Probably in a little while everything will change.
So, here my daily lunch. Better than expected. You need a chickpeas box, some potatoes (2-4), all the spices you want to add, one garlic, one small onion, some tomato paste, oil and salt.
  • Put 1,5 or 2 liters of water into a pan, and some salt or a piece of bouillon cube.
  • After a little while, all the content of the chickpeas box, water included.
  • Start peeling off potatoes, then put them into the water too.
  • Let everything boil at least twenty minutes... it means you've got, first, to wait the water to boil! But if you wait more, it is even better.
  • Start cutting the onion and garlic in small pieces.
  • Put some oil in a skillet, wait a little and then put there garlic and onion pieces.
  • As they become yellow, put some tomato paste, and then turn everything with a wood spoon.
  • When you have the feeling that garlic and onion will burn in a little while, put all the content of the skillet in the pan (or viceversa, if your skillet is big enough.
  • Put some pasta (150g more or less) in this soup. I suggest broken linguine, or some little tubes (in Italian, ditaloni... but in Germany they are impossible to find!).
  • You can smash cheackpeas and potatoes with the wood spoon, so the soup will be more similar to a cream.
  • Doing this, soon you will have to add some water, to let the pasta cook!
  • Add some more tomato paste, if the soup has become too pale.
  • Pasta will need totally around twenty minutes to cook. Then, the dish is ready to serve!
  • This is not very nice to see... lately I often cook things that are someway horrible to see, but delicious!


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ok, I tried, and it was HORRIBLE to see. I couldn't even try to taste. How can you do this to food? You're Italian?

    Pehaps, if you post on how to make a little cheesecake like I had in Milan last year I'll forgive you. Or maybe not.

    You are quite funny :-)


    21 October, 2006 22:38

    Blogger marziotta said...

    Hi Ro... sorry, but I am not able to prepare cakes. By the way, I'd like to learn.
    Usually Italians use to cook things that are better to see, but... Yes, I am Italian. But I'm not a conventional cook. I follow the stream of the moment. Each moment. So I often cook weird things. They're edible, I can grant it. Often my roommate eats what I prepare, and he is still alive. He seems even happy! :)
    Do you want me to invite you at dinner? Are you brave enough?

    29 October, 2006 18:25

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