I am an Italian girl, a weird dancer, a chaos master.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Italian List

As promised...

F. is my last boyfriend. He declared he still loves me, even if he left me 4 months ago to find a thinner and younger woman to have sex with. He is very stupid. Last time he called me, on Xmas Eve, he was ungry as I did something terribly wrong. He talked with an inquisitive tone. And on Xmas he wanted to see my best friend L. to talk about me, who is very clever and told him that if he wants to know something he can ask me.

M. is the man that fell in love with me because he saw a picture of mine. Still haven't seen him, but read his messages on my mobile, and he seems the most boring person on the world.

A. is the jolly. Is a man from the past, but he's becoming quite present too. Don't ask me too much. Don't know how much I like him... but I loved him that much around 5-6 years ago. Now that's him that pray me to stay with him.

Only three... not a lot. But I don't live in Italy every day... so it's a good number, I suppose.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The German List

The French guy is not able to speak. Oh, he gets better each time I see him, but don't want to go out with him 100,000 times to hear him doing normal speeches. Actually he is able to say only:
"I like you very much."
"I want to dance with you."
"Do you want to hug me."

And then the last, incredibly difficult, sentence:
"What must I do for making possible you like me?"
I explained him perhaps it's better if he speaks French. My French is very bad, but I can understand a lot of things.

The Spanish guy is very interesting. He likes to stay with me, he's not boring, he talks a lot about his family and his feelings, and not always about job. He's not the cutest guy on the world, but it's not bad. He declarates his interest in me in such a nice way, and didn't want me to do the same. He wanted me to think about it. He's not always attached to me when in the surroundings... but starts to get closer. And it's not bad.

The Italian guy is very stupid. I don't know if he really wants to stay with me. I decided not to call him anymore. It wasn't simple. He came back only on the last days, on the last opportunity to stay with me before coming back home for holiday. I cannot understand what he wants.

I haven't got a German guy in my German harem, sorry. Must I find one? It won't be difficult!
(There are some more guys in my harem, a French and an Italian, but it's less funny to talk about them...)


The Italian List

Friday, December 16, 2005


What a life. What a wonderful and awful life.
The man I am fallen in love with... has lost his mind. For a girl? For two girls? Because it has been frozen by the breeze? Dunno. Probably all of this things.
Obviously I am not one of the girl he is interested into.
I passed some hours with him, lately, and definitely understood that I bore him. Maybe he can stay an hour or two with me, he can have some fun with me... but doesn´t want to hear what I have got to say. Doesn´t want hear me saying all the pains I suffer. I´d like to explain him something, but he doesn´t want to hear. (Just like when women say "Oh, dear, not tonight, I´ve got a headache". But women don´t have sex, whether he doesn´t want to talk.)
So I decided to cut it off.
I started crying less. I started to dedicate more time to other people. And there is also another guy, a French one, that seems in love with me. He is quite nice, but he was so drunk when he showed this interest. And still haven´t the courage to ask me my phone number. At work, of course.
I work for the Big Brother, as you know, and everybody I know is there and everybody who loves me in this city is there.
Hope they won´t never do a reality show on my life...
or that they will pay me very well...