I am an Italian girl, a weird dancer, a chaos master.

Monday, January 31, 2005

The sad path between boredom and spying

Today I did absolutely nothing at work. I asked my chief for something to do, but all there was for me was spying my coworkers. It's an interesting thing, at least I learn something, while I don't learn a lot when I'm working in that office without any help; but it's frustrating to sit behind a person and control each movement he/she does.
I know how I hate when someone is watching at me while I'm working. I just feel controlled and work worst.
So, this kind of activity risks to worsen:
1. the job of the agency;
2. my importance in the agency;
3. my popularity among the colleagues.
I've got only one way. To go on my seat, and stay there, looking my email.
I'll continue to spy, because just sitting is not what I need. I need to learn, DAMN!

PS If you know some good and simple English site to learn something about graphics (web especially) please tell me it! I'm trying to learn something from Italian ones, but to have other sources is very important.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Margot Runs!

You cannot understand how happy I am!
I finally made it! Now Margot can run Internet!
I can see blogs in this huge screen! The one of Merlino is so nice, but so little!
Now everything will become more simple!
It was very difficult, the useful manual was in English, and there weren't all the explanations. I had to try and try and try.
And try once and twice and thrice more.
Now, I'm chair-dancing while emailing and posting because I'm joyful. How crazy I am?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Test

I've got a test for you.
Try to turn upside down your keyboard. Even if you are at work. Especially if you are at work.
Then move smash and beat it.
You will be surprised of what will come down.
You will find things you considered lost forever.
You will find things someone else lost there.
I found a lot of dust. I found even four staples. It sounds weird.

Kids, don't try to do this if your computer is a laptop!
And don't crash the keyboard on other objects! Is that OK?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mom Discovered Internet

What a mess! I don't know what happens there in UK and US, but I'm sure your tech level is quite high. Here in Italy, it seems that if you are older than 25, you cannot understand anything about the World Wide Web.
I tried to explain mom how to use Internet. The only thing she wanted to learn was how to chat. No Google research, no blog, nothing. To chat. I saw her while chatting. She puts on a big brown pair of glasses, starts glaring at the screen as she is looking in the absolute vacuum, tries to read what other write and... doen't write anything at all!
Fortunately, chat times are passed for me. I used to do this in 1998. It seems two or three lives ago.
How many different lives are there in your existence?
I had several ones. I'll describe them soon...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Long letters, short posts

Hey you, I'm a lazy girl, you must know it.
I love to read, I love to write, but when I surf the net I'm not in the mood for things that require a lot of time.
When I want to read or to write long pieces, I write a letter. Emails are ok, but true letters, written on a sheet with a pen are the best!
Have you ever tried? It's a fascinating hobby!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Got A Lot!

In this little period I got a lot of things...
First, I got flu. My first week end in which people cannot smoke in closed places (it's a new law, here in Italy) was awful, because I don't smoke, but smoke all the people I was with... I take too much cold. Then, on Monday, my chief told me nasty things, just like they don't need me and that 450 euros are a lot of money whether I'm almost unuseful. I suppose I felt myself so bad that it helped my influenza to spread herself in all her strongness.
Second, I got Merlino! Finally! It seems he had a bug in the bios, that made him become mad. The hard disk was injured, but with a new hard disk, anything seems to go! Now I'm writing here using him!
Third, I got iMac! He/She (but I suppose she, even if I still don't know her name... but I feel she has a French name!) is in front of me, behind Merlino. She is great but I wasn't able to use Internet with her, I don't know how to do this. She wants a server number just like but I got a telephone number for the DSL... what a mess. I'll work with her later.
Soooooo... finally I'm REALLY back!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

...Still Waiting For...

I'm becoming crazy. Even more I've always been.
Do you know when everything in your life seems sad? And you are waiting for something that could finally change all that awful stuff in your life?
Often people wait for something unprecisate, or have some definite hope but do nothing to make it real.
Damn! I did all I had to do. I went to a shop to buy my iMac, on December 30th. They told me it would arrive on January 10th.
I'm still waiting for it.
It's not enough to do any effort to change my life - especially about job.
I'm bored. I want things to change. I'll do everything I can.
About Merlino? The same story. The care centre destroyed the hard disk with a phisical format, then ordered a new hard disk that will arrive on Wednesday, because tomorrow is "Sant'Ilario", the saint that protects Parma (my city).
They tell that even the mother board could have some problem, but they are swimming in murky waters. They have no idea of which ache affects my dear Merlino.