I am an Italian girl, a weird dancer, a chaos master.

Monday, October 24, 2005

"You Are Fantastic But Too Stylish"

Indeed. My coordinator told me that.
Not exactly that, if I must say the truth.
He said I do a wonderful job, but loose too much time on style-related matters.
And he said that the firm wants me to ask to my experienced colleagues what to do, to avoid time loss for my coordinator and translators and so forth. Because they want me to learn this job.
In a place where it seemed that people goes away and come back with no reason, it seems quite a nice thing to hear.
Maybe they care about me.
Maybe they want me to stay.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Marziotta Virus

Today my beloved man and I postulated a theory: I am a virus. Indeed. The worst you can find. I am able to make everyone suffer of some kind of pain.
Do you need some clear examples?
Oh... the first is that I transferred him my flu and he´s still a little ill.
And the second is that on Saturday I went to "The Cave", a rock disco, with Aina Ernesto Angel and Elena and today they still suffer neck pains because danced shaking their heads as I did.
But the most important thing is that I found that Aina is a weird dancer just like me! We danced since 3 till 6:15! Really!!!
I will report, of course, future cases of pain inferted by Marziotta virus. And... PAY ATTENTION! You could be the next one to be contaged!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Little Short Arms

LSA... it should be the short term for some drug or something similar in English.
In Italian, "avere le braccine corte" (to have little short arms) means... to avoid paying anything at each cost. Someone that tries in any subtle - and less subtle - way to make you pay what he has got to pay. And, there is Stefano, a colleague, that has very short arms, you can bet on it.
In French, "avoir les brais courts" means that a person that makes sport is very lazy and doesn´t want to catch balls, to run, etc...
Tell me, what does it mean in your language? It must have another meaning...

I must admit it... I discovered this only because of Tequila!!! Michele, Silvan and I drank so much hot tequila (with Coke and Tabasco) yesterday that I even passed all night long screaming the orders I hear in the game I have to play now!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Saturday Night Fever

I lost all my fantasy? Maybe...
...or not. I don´t think so.
Saturday I was really really OK. Everything was good. Each and every thing.
Flu was gone, and I found Florence and Olivier near my home to go out.
A job meeting... at Shisha smoking narghile, drinking bear and tea and chatting a lot, in italian english spanish french.
And then...
I found a way to attack the fever I had on Friday to the man I´m fallen in love with.
Now he´s at home, sick and cold. And it´s all my fault. Damn.
Hope he´ll be better soon.
I want to pass a lot of time with him!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Night Fever

Tonight I won´t go dancing. The only thing to do is... going to a Trinkhalle, the one that has just taken Carlos´ father, but I don´t like this place, and they only hear latin music. Damn, I love rock hiphop r´n´b and much more...
Perhaps I will stay home. I am a little ill, it could be a nice idea. So I will be able to do something tomorrow.
I´m tired. I´d like to do a lot of things.
But... don´t worry. Next week everything will be better. My flu will disappear, and a lot of friends that went away will come back.
Tonight, while dancing or chatting in front of a bottle of red wine or a glass of beer, think at Marziotta. And I will dream about you.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Had The Time Of My Life

This is a great period, meine Leute!
People goes, people stay; a lot of parties, a lot of tears, a lot of life.
The days between September 19 and 23 were the best in my whole life. Indeed.
I never stayed home. And I had the possibility to spend a lot of time with the man I´m falling in love with.
I haven´t told him yet, but he must have noticed it. We are great friends, we chat for hours and hours, we go to the canteen together, we have often supper together...
I am waiting for the day he is coming back. I don´t know what will happen. But I must tell him something.
I am a girl that could not stay without a man. It´s not a sex matter. I suppose I need security. And in the last relationship, that lasted for more than 4 years, I had none. Damn.
I hope I will have great days in the next future.