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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unpopular in my groups

It's a long time I don't write. I passed such a confused period.
The three guys of the German List... one is back to his country but will be here on May, one is here but doesn't want to see me anymore after a flirt and in a little while will have to come back to his country, and one has now a girlfriend in his country.
So... nobody is more in my list.
But it's not the problem.
The real problem is that the more time it passes, the most I feel uncomfortable with Italians. I am able to pass nice time only with the ones that has got a life here and so on.
I don't know if it's because I'm not enough Italian (I pass good times with Spanish and French people) or because...
I always have problems with people in my groups.
Let's make some examples:
- when I was at primary school I was more friend of the schoolmates of my brother than of mine;
- when I was at the theater course I had more friends in the group that started the year before.
There are more for sure, but sometimes to remember hurts, and perhaps it's better not to try.
I'm always on a wrong vibe. By nature. And have to move a little. Why did fate all this to me? To help me becoming stronger and to oblige me to go back and forth?