I am an Italian girl, a weird dancer, a chaos master.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Alone In Milan

This morning I got up quite early, before 7 a.m.. I had to go to Milan! Why?
You know I sent tons of cv's around the globe (only in Northern Italy, I must admit). I partecipated to a selection as tourist entertainer in the afternoon. I failed because I am not very sporty, I said I am in the graphician field (had I to lie?) and I am too empathic with children.
While in the morning I went to a place where they organize a course+stage on ICT. It's free. You must know, when I hear the word free something weird happens in my mind and I must appreciate and enjoy the free thing/subject/book/course/drink/anything-else-on-this-world.
I think they organized it in a very short lack of time. They know the 9 subjects they will teach, but don't have a definite program yet.
The course must start on next Monday. I'm interested on this thing, I am sure it would be useful to complete my job skills, but if I won't have a program to control, it will be difficult to accept. I must spend there 600 hours of my life, making 21x2x5=210 rail and metro commutings. Other 900 hours. I want to know how I spend them.
Yesterday and today were snowy! It was soooo cold, and I spent all day long walking alone in Milan

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Search In Chaos

As you probably considered, chaos involves my whole existence. Now I'm looking for a real job, but chaos enters without any mercy in all researches I make.
I am sending my graphic curriculum vitae to any kind of firm... to promoter agencies, to tourist villages, to learning institutes. I want to earn some money. NOW.
I also contacted sindicates to try to have some of the money they didn't give me in the bike mag. They are 5000 euros. It means 6000 bucks or something more!
Those money would be useful in this period of projects, dreams, flights in space and in mind.
P.S. Maybe I'll soon do my first plane trip! I have to go to Spain...

Friday, February 11, 2005

Behind Blue Eyes

I just felt in love with Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit.
Acoustic guitar behind everything is so nice.
I hear it in loop on my earpieces, close my eyes and then wrrite here.
Fortunately I know where any key is, so I won't make a lot of mistakes.
I'd have to charge some image on this blog, it's starting to become too normal.
I'd have to talk about my past lives.
I'd have to talk about my future lives.
How many things to do! Will I be able to do something?
I must become able to charge even music on the site. But I'll put a button where you can abilitate it. I hate when you enter a site and start hearing something. You will have the choice. To hear or not.
Now, it's time to go to bed. It's quite late, considered last night I didn't sleep at all!

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Blog Experience

I cannot manage to translate my Italian blog in English, but if you want to make a laugh and to have an unprecisate idea of what I talk about there, just click here. Thanks to Google that make this sort of things.
Only a thing: when I translated this blog in Italian, I discovered that this Google translator transforms posts in little trees! Weird!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Am The Fourth One

Two posts in a very short lack in time.
Marzia, are you becoming crazy? Did you decide to waste all your time in blogging?
It simply happened a thing I wanted to share with you!
I saw among my referrers a Google search. I controlled what they searched for on Shinystat and I discovered they searched for Marzia, my name. Then I searched my name in English.
In your language, I am the FOURTH result! If you do not believe me, or if you want to check if I am still there, just click here.

One Disappeared Twice

Today I had lunch with a boy that was very important in my life.
I avoided him for a lot of time because I knew how much I liked him. But there were, and there still is, a boyfriend in my life.
But there is something that ties us. A strange kind of familiarity, of friendship, of immediate comprehension of what the other one is saying.
I read all his blog this evening. A bit less of two years of thoughts. Thoughts about work and music and women. The last ones seem to disappear in his life. I just remember when he disappeared in mine, exactly twice, exactly in this period of the year. Four and five years ago.
I still like him. It's a matter of fact.
Once, I decided not to worry about him.
Then, when I found a boyfriend, I started worrying because we didn't close our relationship.
Now, I decide not to worry about him.
Even if there is not a precise why.