I am an Italian girl, a weird dancer, a chaos master.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Really Nothing To Do?
I Cannot Say "Me Too"

If you don't have anything to do on this Earth, you can visit this place.
Today it's a quiet day, but I'm happy and tired and full of thoughts...
On Thursday I had a job meeting with the responsibles of a daily newspaper in Bologna. You must know, Bologna is one of my favourite cities, or better Bologna people is my favourite people.
It's not for a long period (2 or 4 months? or something more?) but it's not a problem... I just find a couple of friends that could rent me a room.
It would be a great occasion. But noone has contacted me yet. I really want to go there!
I wait till tomorrow, I don't want to seem an too unpatient. Damn, I want to know NOW if I can go and live there!
I'd even gain an interesting sum of money!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Love Train

You might think I am crazy, but it's true. I love train. It allows me to read!
In two weeks I read three books! Two are by Italian authors, will someone translate them?
First. La nottte dei pitagorici (Pitagoric Night maybe the translation) by Claudio Asciuti. Italian SF. Simply great. I swear it. World is divided in two kinds of people... Iron Shirts and Puckishes. Claudio cite a lot of music and philosophy and art. I loved this book. Really. I hope that it will be translated in each foreign language.... but I fear it won't be.
Second. Amata per caso (Accidentally loved maybe) by Stefano Zecchi. A book for girls. It talks about Malini, an Indian children that was sold by her mother. She lives a lot of troubles, but goes on. It's a book that gives courage.
Third. Alta Fedeltà High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. I had great expectations, after reading Nick's "About A Boy". I was waiting fo r a book that talked about great feelings and modern society. I found a book, simple to read, but there happens nothing at all. It seems that the true solution to make the world turn in the right way is "to do nothing, to change nothing". Bad, damn!
Have you got some special book to suggest me? I have so much time to spend reading!

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Course

Hi Pretty Guys! Hi Shiny Ladies!
I didn't have a lot of time to write here in the last period. I'm so sorry!
But the course in Milan is stealing me a lot of time. A lot of body and mind resorces.
It's quite funny. There are people of each kind... it seems I am the one who wants most to learn marketing and communication...
This course is really important for me. I can learn how to sell, DAMN! It means I can sell my graphic products on my own!
But I saw a thing that made me dream...
In front of the place where I attend the course, there is an agency of LOWE PIRELLA (a big ad agency... do you know it?). Maybe a day I'll ring there.
My boyfriend won't be happy if I will find a work in Milan. It's a bit far from his town (not so much, an hundred of kms, about 60 miles).
Now there's a new chapter in my life, and I want to write the better story I've ever written. And I'll do it. You can bet on it.