I am an Italian girl, a weird dancer, a chaos master.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Will Go To Mario Land

Hi Guys!
On Thursday 28 I have to move to Frankfurt. I found my tiny wonderland. I will work for Nintendo!
What could I say! I am confused, and happy, and tired.
This damn stage in Milan is becoming heavier every day. The email server went down and all our customers are still calling me to inform me of the fact... and, as you may imagine, someone is not very kind and polite! I have to say unbelievable lies and people understand what I'm doing.
Yesterday my brain was burning. I went to bed and started crying. Without any particular reason. Too many things to do.
I'm not even able to find two books I placed in my room on Sunday.
I want to be in Germany. Then everything will be more simple.
But I'll miss mom. I miss her even now, cos we don't see ourselves since Thursday morning.
P.S. Can someone suggest me an useful site to learn German? I do know 4 or 5 German words, it's such a shame...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chaos, Beer and Ash

Sorry. I have abandoned you another time. But chaos absorbed completely my life. It's awful and marvellous.
About job... Now I'm trapped in the stage which ends the course I've attended in Milan, but it's not very useful. The period is not the right one, the firm is not the right one, the coworkers - or the costagists, to tell the truth - are not the right ones. It seems a strange kind of tale.
Then I got a lot of proposal for the future... in the press graphics of course. But the nicest one regards a place as video game tester in Frankfurt. Tomorrow I will go there, and hope they will decide they want me to work there. I want to change place, to know different people, to understand a new language, to gain money, to live on my own.
In this period of great confusion, many things happen.
Last weekend I went to a wedding... the one after the next one I'll go in Tuscany...
And today... I finally met a friend of mine... one of those friend I never met before. He wrote the features I translated for the mag where I worked. He's great. I even was able to chat a few. Perhaps his beer (I almost finished his beer) helped me to find courage to speak even if I haven't the right word on "the point of the tongue" as we Italian say.
I hope to see him soon.
And to find the time to write here sometimes, of course!!