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Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Can´t Get No Satisfaction

Hallo people!
Today the sun shines, but it´s cold.
Today I´m happier but not as much as I would.
Marco will come back on October, and that is a good news.
I won´t go away, and this is another good news.
But I would like to be more important.
I´d like people to search for me, instead loosing hours to find someone to go out with and then... to remain at home on Saturday night.
I had a wonderful book as companion... Dynamite Road by Andrew Klavan... but it´s not enough...
I have to go... or I will pay another 15 minuts. Bye!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Everything Changes

Not in my life. Not now. At least, I suppose.
But here in Nintendo a lot of people was said to go away. Not me, for the moment.
But Marco and Bea...
two of the most beatiful people I have known in my whole life. I supposed they would have been with me for a big part of this experience... whether they will have to go in a pair of weeks.
Sometimes I simply want to cry.
I need security, I need something to believe in, someone to trust in, here in a foreign country.
I feel just like they stole me them. I feel just like they are doing me something bad. But the truth is that they did something awful to my friends.

I hope I won´t have to go away too. Tomorrow, they say, we will know everything about the project we will be assigned to next weeks.
I am full of hopes because a new project means working with other people, so it would be possible to know better people now I know only a little.

Today I even discovered I am quite able to speak French! I will learn here all languages but German.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Now I'm back in Parma, but only for the week end. Tomorrow my friend Silvia will get married and I had to be here!
Frankfurt, when the weather is fine, is simply wonderful. It's not too big it's not too small. I always find somewhere to go, something to do. If I am sad and don't want to go home, I can go with Marco to his home, and then... even him don't wanna go home and we can go in the city, buy a book and a sandwich, and chat for a pair of hours on role playing, on common friends, on ... tons of things.
And if on Sunday I go on Gunthersburgpark, then I can find all my colleagues. I can know that one of them translated Final Fantasy 9.
It's a wonder land. Really. I hope it will remain so for a lot of time. I miss it. Indeed.

Sometimes I think I could remain there forever.