I am an Italian girl, a weird dancer, a chaos master.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chick-Peas and Potatoes Soup For Three

As I pass too much time at home, I talk too much about my domestic world, I know! Probably in a little while everything will change.
So, here my daily lunch. Better than expected. You need a chickpeas box, some potatoes (2-4), all the spices you want to add, one garlic, one small onion, some tomato paste, oil and salt.
  • Put 1,5 or 2 liters of water into a pan, and some salt or a piece of bouillon cube.
  • After a little while, all the content of the chickpeas box, water included.
  • Start peeling off potatoes, then put them into the water too.
  • Let everything boil at least twenty minutes... it means you've got, first, to wait the water to boil! But if you wait more, it is even better.
  • Start cutting the onion and garlic in small pieces.
  • Put some oil in a skillet, wait a little and then put there garlic and onion pieces.
  • As they become yellow, put some tomato paste, and then turn everything with a wood spoon.
  • When you have the feeling that garlic and onion will burn in a little while, put all the content of the skillet in the pan (or viceversa, if your skillet is big enough.
  • Put some pasta (150g more or less) in this soup. I suggest broken linguine, or some little tubes (in Italian, ditaloni... but in Germany they are impossible to find!).
  • You can smash cheackpeas and potatoes with the wood spoon, so the soup will be more similar to a cream.
  • Doing this, soon you will have to add some water, to let the pasta cook!
  • Add some more tomato paste, if the soup has become too pale.
  • Pasta will need totally around twenty minutes to cook. Then, the dish is ready to serve!
  • This is not very nice to see... lately I often cook things that are someway horrible to see, but delicious!

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Some Kind Of Denounce

    Hi guys!
    I know that probably noone that was visiting and commenting my blog in the past is here now, but I talk for who will come in the future, and for the visitors I know but that have no courage to leave any sign of their passage.
    Quiet, I won't talk about you.
    I will talk about my Italian blog, that I can no more access because when I asked splinder for a new password it said that it sent me one but... I saw nothing in my email account. I tried twice more, the same no-result.
    So, I had to open an Italian blog on blogspot. It won't talk about daily life and discovers... only about pieces of letters. I love writing letters, and some pieces are the perfect mirror of my soul.

    You don't care about it because you don't know a word of Italian?
    So... give me suggestions to write here, or for another blog to open.
    I love suggestions of any kind.
    And... visitors... comment without any shame. It will be appreciated.

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Red Bitter Sweet Pepper

    No, it's not a mispelling. On November 26 I'll go to see RHCP, but it's another story!
    RBSP was my lunch.
    It's so funny to be ill, but not very much, and to stay at home.
    At 1:30 I felt a bit hungry (at work I must have lunch at 12... such a nonsense!) while writing an email, and started realising what could I cook.
    Couscous! And peppers!
    The receipt, invented on the moment, is very good and simple.

    You need some instant couscous, two peppers per three persons, some oil, an onion, some sugar, and soya sauce. Obviously, salt. You always need salt to cook!
  • Boil some salted water for the couscous. The quantity is written on your couscous box.
  • Cut the onion in small pieces, in the meanwhile begin to fry some oil in a skillet, then put the pieces in the frying oil.
  • Cut the peppers in small pieces. Check the onion, it doesn't have to burn!
  • Put the peppers in the pan.
  • After a little while, put some soya sauce and some sugar (four teaspoons per pepper) in the pan, and turn the content of the pan.
  • Check the peppers. If they seem dry and are still not cooked, put some more soya sauce and some more sugar.
  • If you wish, cover the pan, but not all time long.
  • At the end, the peppers should be not so nice to see, but incredibly good to eat!
  • Do you forgot to put the boiling water in your couscous? Do it right now! The peppers should coulk five minutes more, if you put down the flame!
  • Put the sauce in the bowl where you put couscous and water, when water has dried.
  • Eat, and think at me!
  • You are allowed to change the receipt following your taste. Please inform me if you get good results!

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Your Researches While I Was Away

    too stylish for work
    I suppose I am too stylish to stay at home, and not to share what I've got with the rest of the world! At least, I'd like to be that stylish.
    short arms in italian
    Somebody is looking for Stefano? By the way, I saw even the hand of Stefano in some researches, but I won't tell anything else!
    stupid beatiful people
    World is full of this people. But I really don't care about them. I prefer to suffer with intelligent people, than the deadly boredom that always comes with stupid beautiful people.
    chaos is my friend
    Obviously! Chaos should be the friend of everyone! Chaos helps me even at work! Have you ever tried chaos theory when everything seems stuck? Often it works!
    job as websurfer
    Actually, working as a videogametester is funny enough. Maybe this should be my next job!
    spawn chains
    Gimme some! I miss them so much... it's more than a year that I left Spawn!
    stratishla review
    Gimme some! Here in Germany I can find only tons of beers!
    worked with charles letbetter
    He is an interesting man, he does great pictures, but I never worked with him. Maybe, one day... Who knows!
    shisha parma
    To smoke a shisha, you must go to Cella, towards Reggio Emilia. On Via Emilia there is this shishabar called Amnesia. If there are any others, I don't know.
    i'm a maniac maniac and i'm dancing
    I'd like to know who did this search... I suppose our souls are quite similar...

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Please Listen To Your Body

    So much time I don't post, indeed! Everything has changed, and nothing, at the same moment.
    I still live in Frankfurt, but now I've got a better contract, without leasing staff agencies between me and the firm I work for.
    I've got a new place of my own. Little, so fucking little, but mine, all mine.
    What's today story? There's one, don't worry. I always have one story to tell... the first from my home in Frankfurt...

    This morning it was such a pity to get up. I tried and tried, without any result. At the end, when I finally succeeded, I went to the toilet, gave a glance at the mirror and - damn - my eyes seemed to have been punched all night long. I felt some fever, coughed a little, and so on. I wanted to go to work, but when I bowed to bring my backpack, I felt the world dancing around me. NO WAY. I rested a little, sent an email at work, then went to the doctor that said me... it's a virus, for this week you mustn't work...
    I went home, bought some aspyrin, a coloured and trendy thermometre and a box of candies.
    Wrote an email in my poor German to a new tandem.
    Then finally reached the bed, and started thinking...

    It's not a virus.
    The problem is that it's four weeks that I am working hard.
    I am coordinating some colleagues.
    I am working on Saturdays.
    All Sundays I do something... I go to Heidelberg, or I go to the bookfair...
    My body needed some rest.
    And to get ill was the only way to stop me for a little while.
    My body loves me. And gives me hint and suggestions. If I am not able to listen to it, it screams loud.
    Just like this time.