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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Katie's roots

Katie, in one of my first post talked to me about her Italian origins. I promised her to do some research.
I found where the place are situated... Castelletto D'Orba in the North, Naples in the South, Polistena the most southern. My city, Parma, is situated at a latitude near to Castelletto, but toward east.
But I'm here to speak about Katie's origins, not mine... Sorry, I didn't enough researches and now I've got a lot of work to do... I read something about Castelletto d'Orba and decided it's a lovely place, perhaps I could visit it. In this case I'll take tons of pix, you can bet it!
I'll talk a few more about the place one by one in the next future.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Anything goes

Do you remember the blond pretty girl singing at the beginning of the second episode of Indiana Jones? My capacity in listening/understanding English allows me to understand a bit of songs... but "anything goes" is a sentence I was able to recognize even when I was 12 and made my first steps with English...
This is not of any importance... I wanted only to remark something of a film I loved...
The thing that matters is that ANYTHING GOES!! Really. Yesterday afternoon I had a job meeting with an advertising agency in my city, Parma. I left my office here in Reggio Emilia two hours before the usual hour, took the car and tried to drive there. The street of the agency is quite strange, in many occasion you can drive it only in one way, and I got lost. I called my friend Vittoria, who works there, and she made me lose once more. Fortunately, one of her coworkers, Daniela, helped me. I got there, and the chief, Walter, was so gentle with me. Asked me only a pair of things (and I was trained what to talk about because of a training I made with freddieblues that yesterday made me a lot of questions. It's a tiny office, full of people, but it seems very nice. People cooperates there. It's what I need to grow.
They must call me in the next days. Walter told me it's almost sure I'm in. The only thing to do is to greet everyone here and to bring away what I have in this office. Few material things.
But I left here a piece of my heart, I can't take this one back.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Si Stava Meglio Quando Si Stava Peggio
(It was better when it was worst)

Here in Italy we have a large amount of proverbs and common sentences. One of the most repeated, of the most strange and, absolutely, one of the most true in each situation is Si stava meglio quando si stava peggio that literally means that in old times, when we had a lot of problems, was better than now, with less problems but...
But... the situation where I work is very sad. Not because we weren't paid for a while, not because the office will be transfered 150 km away from here. We used to be a group, a beautiful group, the best you can find. We passed on huge troubles, we did it when noone intended to bet on us. We worked a lot, but it was funny and satisfing to work together.
Now, with a new director, everything has changed. The strength we have had is lost forever. Now everyone will follow his way (to success I hope, because we are great persons). I want to remember us joking and smiling.
Lately I'm quite nostalgic... it's not a feeling I'm used to. But I'm full of hope, too... so don't worry about me!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Wannabe a Joker

When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what would I be, "Would I be pretty, would I be rich" She's going to say to me "Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future...
Here in Italy this song is the jingle of Barilla ad on TV... but it's not what I want to tell. I want to tell you what I wish to become in the future, what I'm working for.
I want to be a joker, the card you play when you don't know what to do, when no one else has time left and I am there to solve the problem. To learn all the necessary, to study a solution, and then to do everything I can.
It would be a wonderful occasion to test my skills, to learn lot of new things, to do every day a different job. Because I'm a person who get bored quite in a hurry, and don't want to stay all the life stopped in the same position doing the same job, each and every day. I couldn't do this.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Au Revoir, Darling Granny

I've got only one living grandparent, but she doesn't like me very much. She lives quite far (in Switzerland, near Lugano) and argued too much with mom (her daughter).
You must know I am a person who needs to love so much, and cannot live without a granny at all. So, I usually adopt one as often as I can. The last was Gina, my boyfriend one. She was a nice old lady, very tiny. Even if she was tired of living, she had always a smile for me. I often kept her hands in mine, kissed her cheeks, and tried to talk to her even if she didn't hear well and didn't understand all I said (she knew better dialect than Italian... and I am dialect-phobic).
Good bye, Granny. Have a nice trip to heaven. I'll keep you in my heart, for ever and ever.

Friday, September 17, 2004

The importance of being smiley

I always think what to post while commuting. So, it often happens I talk about my little trips or about the Italian rail system.
I always smile when there is a kind person that stops his/her car to make me go on my own way on a zebra cross. I do this even in darkest day, when my feelings are bad and I'd like to be anyone but me.
I must confess that these smiles to unknown people help me to live better. They give me happiness and new strength.
Many people does not know this huge power. Treat everybody bad while in sad mood. I'm happy I'm able to smile. Hope will never shut up.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Please stand in a queue

Tomorrow This morning I had to go to the railstation by bus, because of the rain. I rolled down the stairs in a hurry and took the bus before it ran away.
I found the ticket after analizing cm per cm my bag, and obviously it passed a while. Then there was no more sitting places, and I thought about ordinate English queue at bus stops. I thought at buses full of sitting places, hundreds perhaps.
Here in Italy buses has got 15-23 sitting places and 80 or 90 persons could stay on their feet.
Fortunately, our engineers are not very good in managing space, and I found a place to put my buttocks onto near the ticket-stamp-machine. It was not as comfortable as a seat, but it was more than nothing. Usually children and teenagers do that. A 28 years olded girl is too old to do this, I fear.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

What about going to the fun fair?

Once upon a time even Marziotta went to school. She had a very old English teacher who tried to make her and her mates understand English, but did this in a very strange way. For example, one morning, she passed a whole hour on the most important English sentence, as she said. All the pupils had to repeat and repeat and repeat, together and one by one, What about going to the fun fair?. Never told it at the right manner.
I'm still asking myself what I was mistaking, and what's so difficult in this simple phrase. Sometimes it dingle in my head, without stopping. For whole hours.
If someone does know the importance of this sentence, could explain it to me? My best thanks in advance.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Nothing to talk about? What about Blogidea?
Seriously... Where does the other sock end up?

Tomorrow I had not a serious matter to talk about. I gave a look on google and found Blogidea! It's a nice thing, but you must post some suggestion too, because the database seems to be not so full...
I decided the nicest sentence I read is "seriously... where does the other sock end up?". I suppose there's not an answer. If someone knows... Really, I think there must be some kind of hell or paradise where uncoupled socks go, and pass the eternity... It must be a coloured place... because of all mine I've lost... I use to dress coloured ones. Now I'm in love with stripes... today I wear yellow fuchsia green orange ones.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Never could imagine this, in my whole life. Never could, never could.
Strathisla is made from the same distillery that give us Chivas Regal. But Strasthisla is much more tasty!
They started doing it in 1786, in Scotland, and was called Milltown (don't ask me why).
You can find something about general whisky history too. If you do like whisky as I do, or even more, you'll find this site very interesting.

Shy at Oktoberfest - Red wine chats

I am a shy lady, as you may see. Not always, only sometimes. I'm shy when I am in the wrong group of people, or while working. Why do I seem shy in front of a huge beer? Dunno. I only know I would like to come back to Oktoberfest this year too. It's a great occasion to meet stranger people, to chat and to pass nice hours! Never found a place where people do wants so much to communicate!
I need to know new people, it's a particular period of my life in which I desperately need that. To tell the truth, I had many periods like that...
And... what about beer? Oh, it's not my favourite alcoholic drink... I prefer red wine, it's perfect for evenings passed among friends, chatting and joking and smiling. If I must drink heavy, instead, nothing better than an old whisky (or whiskey). Lagavulin, Glen Morangie, Stratishla. About the last one... someone know something? I found it only in two pubs, here in Italy... If noone will say me something, I'll do my own research, as I use to do in my Italian blog.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Want a Gmail? - Unself selfishness

I'm getting mad. I have two gmail accounts. There's one that, every day, has 6 new invites to share. Today I have 5 to give... Perhaps I'll have some even in the future. I'm trying to use all invites I have. It is nice to help people, to give something to others when it does not cost anything.
I am a strange girl. I always find an unself reason to be selfishness, or vice versa. I do love it. I feel better when I do something for others. Most of all, I feel at the best if I could do something useful for me and for others. Is this crazy? Obviously it is! But I never said to be normal.
Please help me in helping you.


Finally I was able to use Blogger and to charge this blog onto the net! Now everybody could see this English experiment! Perhaps I will find Eng friends too! Wow! Now I have few time to dedicate... I'll come back soon, granted.

I swear

imnI swear you can believe in me. I swear... But the greatest thing I swear is my theatre experiment... theatral improvisation... I am quite a shy one in many situations, and try to go over this problem, to play in front of a great public without knowing what to say... I swear, it's a greatest battle to fight! Will I win? Or I will fall? I'll try, as always do. I'll do my best.
How my Word Assistant (Merlin) says... If you do your best, everything will go at the best. But... it says this things only to me? I am sure the Italian version has not this peculiarity, so I am happy to use English Office. He gives me suggestions about how to wear (not to mix tartan with stripes), to avoid problems (not to dive in murky waters), to learn to play the piano (it would be a great idea, I'm only able to play the flute) and last but not least You can hurt yourself if you run with scissors
I believe we always run with scissors, in a way or another. We run a risk in every moment, we keep hot things with us. This is life. Avoid the scissor.
I swear I'll do my best, and I'll try to avoid all the scissor I must keep in my hand.

Note that here you can find a resume of Word Assistant Smart Phrases.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Excuses Before Anything Else

I have too many blogs. I'll try to keep this one in English. Hope I'll do a nice job. But I fear I won't.

Scuse anticipate

Questo blog non lo userò molto, ve lo dico. Dovevo pure aprirlo per commentare i blogger però...
Troppi blog per una persona sola.
Già fatico a gestirne decorosamente uno.